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"The Diving Ducks" represents an 80s Asian aesthetic projected onto an indulgent Hollywood movie theater. Wood flutes and organs interwoven with laid back guitars and a foreign voice reveal a sequence that pans across lanky palm trees and trembling lakes to a broken heart atop a fresh seaweed salad.

Its four songs are based on old self-recordings Helena had composed during a long, cinematic breakup. Norman Bambi, based in France, found the demos. The two decided to work together by way of many emails between Barcelona, Paris, and Los Angeles and to form Yakoe Nicole.

The Diving Ducks
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During his rushed travels through the void vastness of the net of interlaced information, Norman Bambi had never expected to find the audio artifacts left by Helena in such a recondite place. But Helena was sneakingly leaving traces to attract an unaware partner like Bambi to follow her in the path to find who will became Yakoe Nicole.
But don’t let yourself be mislead by the details and focus on what seems to be real. A mysteriously aloof voice blending in a gamelanic ocean of midified sounds, a baroque harpsichord player composing pop songs for a through-time-and-ages setted orchestra. So bang the laser-gong and join Helena and Norman Bambi in this trip, taste the mild exotic milkshakes served in a dinner driven by humanoid mudskippers and especially don’t forget to bring some breadcrumbs in case you encounter The Diving Ducks.

by Marià (@mariaambaccent)


Yakoe Nicole is the electronic music project of Helena López and Norman Bambi. Their EP "The Diving Ducks" was self-released in January 2017, and was made using only a laptop and an electric guitar. Vocals were recorded with the built-in microphone.

released January 16th, 2017